Level 1 English Language Learning ENG

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Howell

Recommended Prior Learning

English Language learners. HOLA ELL approval.

A course that offers Level 1 English Course ( English achievement standards- Level 1 literacy) and as well an EL unit standard.

It is designed to empower the English language learners with the confidence to use their English language skills. It gives support and instruction in the four strands of language - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course Overview

Term 1
Research 1.9 - Topic will be a social issue, such as The Dangers of Smoking, the Dangers of Drinking Alcohol or the Danger of Covid 19 in the community.

Term 2
Using the information from the Term 1 research project you will create a speech and present it to our class using a Powerpoint.

Create a visual Text - again using you knowledge you gained from the Research and your Speech, you will visual text

Term 3
Connections. - Our topic is discrimination. You will discover and discuss, with your class, how discrimination impacts on your life. You will learn to write an essay. You will read 3 short stories and watch 3 film. You will identify discrimination in each of the texts, along with language features. Then in your essay, you will identify the discrimination in the 2 stories and 2 films you choose to write about and say how they are connected by discrimination. You will have the opportunity to think about how, you also, might discriminate against other people.

Learning Areas:

English Language Learners

Detailed Course Outline

Level 2 English, Level 2 English Language Learning

01ELL supports ELL students to gain Level 1 literacy.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

2 x 1B8 exercise books