Level 1 P-Tech / Pathways Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Naidu

Recommended Prior Learning

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The 01PTECH course will teach students industry based skills in Digital Technologies, through mentoring from IBM, The Warehouse Group, Foodstuff, Spark and Vodafone NZ.

This course is ideal for students who wish to pursue tertiary study or a career in the field of Computer Science or Information Systems. The course aims to stimulate your interest, and teach foundational concepts of Computer Science. It promises to be a challenging and enjoyable year as students participate in the coursework. Industry mentors will work with students to create an exciting experience and share their knowledge with the students. 

The course consists of field trips, University visits, online and traditional classroom learning. 

Students will cover:

  • Content creation
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Computer Programming
  • App development
  • Database Development
  • Media outcome i.e. Online Magazine and Vlogs
  • Infographics i.e. designing online posters

P-Tech is a high school/tertiary program, focused on developing digital and creative skills that will enable students to become readily employable. From Level 2 onwards, students go to MIT every Wednesday to gain a Level 4 qualification in IT.

They will learn basic to advanced information systems management, such as creating interactive web sites, managing database, programming and creating media outcomes. 

This will include industry practices such as AGILE and project management skills.

P-Tech is a three-way partnership between industry, high schools and further education, working together to address current youth unemployment rates and create an industry talent pipeline, to match the requirements of the NZ Digital Technology industry.

During the year, students gain 17-19 credits through Database creation, Python Programming, and using Project Management software and Web Development. 

Course Overview

Term 1
AS 91879 Develop a Digital Outcome to Manage Data (4 Credits)

Students will create a database and learn basic query methods

Term 2
AS 91884 Use basic Iterative Processes to develop a digital outcome (6 credits)

Iteratively develop the database created in Term 1

Term 3
AS 91883 Develop a Computer Program (4 Credits)

Students will create a Calculator programmed using Python

Term 4
AS 91886 Demonstrate understanding of human-computer interactions. (3 Credits)

Features of a good and bad software.

Learning Areas:

Digital Technologies


Level 2 Digital Technologies

Social Media Manager
Social Media Planner
Game Developer
Web Designer
Programmer / Coder / Robotics
IT Specialist-Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence
Computer Scientist / Data Scientist
Computer Engineer
Cyber Security
Cloud Technology Engineer

Career Pathways

User Experience Designer