Level 2 Advertising

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss E. Prior

Recommended Prior Learning

80 Credits at Level One or HOLA approval

We see over 5,000 ads every single day. They show us what the ideal life should be and have you comparing it to your ordinary. This subtle form of manipulation leads you to believe that you’re not beautiful, intelligent, successful or confident enough, and the only way to fix it is to buy their product. This course will help you to be aware of the psychological and ethical issues surrounding advertising, and give you the opportunity to create your own.

On the other hand, the advertising is a $2.449 billion dollars a year industry with an average salary of a creative director landing at a cool NZ$124,800 per year which is screaming out for diversity and young new perspectives so is an extremely viable career path for any young hopeful.


Learning Areas:

Visual Arts


Level 3 Art Design, Level 3 Media Studies