Level 2 Business

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. Ram

Looking to manage your own business – or someone else? Students will participate in a team and carry out a business activity (produce products and sell) within a community context with guidance. It also covers operational aspects of large business. An opportunity for students to relate topic taught with real business and have a field trip to a large business. It focuses on internal operations of a large business. 

You will learn:

  • Effective communication and management skills
  • Team work skills
  • How to add value to a product 
  • Build relationship
  • Business planning
  • How to manage finances and make profit
  • Build confidence
  • Sales and marketing skills

Course Overview

Term 1
AS90846 - Conduct market research for a new or existing product.
AS90848 - Carry out, review and refine a business activity within a community context with guidance.

Term 2
AS90848 - Carry out, review and refine a business activity within a community context with guidance(continued).
US9677 - Communicate in a team or group which has an objective.

Term 3
AS90843 -Demonstrate an understanding of internal operations of a large business.

Term 4
AS90843 -Demonstrate an understanding of internal operations of a large business (Revision for External Exam).

Learning Areas:


Detailed Course Outline

Level 3 Accounting, Level 3 Business, Level 3 Economics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery as per schedule.
An opportunity for you to visit a large business - Hynds and see how large business operates.

Pathway Tags

Different roles in a business – marketing, sales, finance, business analyst, human resources, stockbroker, system analyst, logistic & distribution, retail, operations, accounting and leadership. It will also prepare you to run your own business., Sales Representative, Finance Manager, Receptionist, Copywriter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Survey Technician, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, Anaesthetic Technician, Business Analyst, Retail Manager, Arborist, Architectural Technician, Artistic Director, Meat/Seafood Process Worker, Automotive Electrician, Bank Worker, Farmer/Farm Manager, Property Manager, Fabrication Engineer, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Contact Centre Worker, Motor Vehicle Salesperson, Carpet Cleaner, Managing Director/Chief Executive, Emergency Management Officer, Insurance Claims Officer, Watchmaker and Repairer, Fashion Designer, Communications Professional, Information Technology Helpdesk/Support Technician, Concrete Worker, Event Manager, Jeweller, Dairy Farmer, Storeperson, Data Entry Operator/Transcriptionist, Crop Farmer/Crop Manager, Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder, Visual Merchandiser, Dog Trainer, Driving Instructor, Personal Assistant, Economist, Electrician, Environmental Engineer, Importer/Exporter, Financial Adviser, Food and Beverage Factory Worker, Health and Safety Inspector, Agricultural Field Representative, Hairdresser/Barber, Naturopath, Immigration Officer, Market Research Analyst, Office Manager, Pulp and Paper Mill Operator, Production Manager, Real Estate Agent, Recruitment Consultant, Wood Processing Worker, Scaffolder, Travel Agent/Adviser, Valuer, Pet Groomer, Management Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Geospatial Specialist, Career Consultant, Data Analyst, Scrum Master

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