Level 2 Chemistry

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs P. Afele

Level 2 Chemistry looks in detail at the chemistry we see around us and explains everyday concepts. There is a strong emphasis on practical work which is used to illustrate and clarify the material presented in class. Students take an active part in their own learning. Level 2 Chemistry is an essential step towards studying Chemistry at both Level 3 and at a tertiary level.

Course Overview

Term 1
Achievement Standard 91167 - Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction processes (Internal)
Achievement Standard 91163 - Demonstrate understanding of the chemistry in the development of a current technology.

Term 2
Achievement Standard 91910 - Carry out a practical investigation into a substance present in a consumer product using quantitative analysis.
Achievement Standard 91164 - Demonstrate understanding of bonding, structure, properties and energy changes (External).

Term 3
Achievement Standard 91165 - Demonstrate understanding of selected organic compounds. (External)

Term 4
Term 4 will focus on revision of externals.

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Level 3 Chemistry

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