Level 2 Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Blincoe

Recommended Prior Learning

On-track to achieve in three or more Achievement Standards from 01LPE, 01PED or 01HPS. Students can take two out of 02PED, 02LPE and 02OED.
Exemptions can also be given through HOLA approval.

This is a course for students that are passionate about Physical Education and physical activity. We will start the year with a surf camp at Tawharanui Regional Park where you will have the opportunity to learn to surf and be assessed against the performance standard. Students will examine the theoretical aspects of Physical Education through learning about biophysical principles, how to analyse their own sports performance and how to improve their own performance. They will also have the opportunity to perform in a range of performance standards that are co-constructed with students’ interests. All of these aspects can also be used to enhance students’ own sports. Students are expected to fully involve themselves in both the practical and theoretical components of the course.

Course Overview

Term 1
91330 - AS2.4 - Perform a physical activity in an applied setting.
91328 - AS2.2 - Demonstrate understanding of how and why biophysical principles relate to the of physical skills.

Term 2
91329 - AS2.3 - Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity.

Term 3
91331 - AS2.5 - Examine the significance for self, others and society of a sporting event, a physical activity, or a festival.

Term 4
91330 - AS2.4 - Perform a physical activity in an applied setting.
A possibility of adding another standard depending on progress.
Re-submission opportunities.

Learning Areas:

Health & Physical Education

Detailed Course Outline

Level 3 Leadership through Physical Education, Level 3 Outdoor Education

Career Pathways

Acupuncturist, Paramedic, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Podiatrist, Sports Coach/Official, Ranger, Professional Sportsperson, Groundsperson, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Recreation Co-ordinator

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

IB5 exercise book(s), pens, highlighters
Suitable physical education clothing

Pathway Tags

Coaching, Health and Physical Education Teacher, Sports Science, Fitness Trainer