Level 2 P-Tech / Pathways to Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Naidu

Recommended Prior Learning

Digital Technologies - Year 10/ Level 1

This programme consists of 1 day, every week, at MIT, studying Digital Technologies and working towards a Level 4, IT qualification.

The opportunity to begin a tertiary qualification at MIT will help ease the transition to Tertiary, prepare you for further study and for entry level Technology sector roles.

In addition, you study P-Tech in school and can choose any other subjects to fill your timetable.

02PTECH (Pathways to Technology) is a continuation of 01PTECH (Pathways to Technology).  It builds on knowledge acquired from 01PTech, but new applicants are encouraged to enroll if they feel they can benefit from a specialized Technology course that will train and prepare them for tomorrows jobs.

Preference will be given to students who have previously enrolled in 01PTECH.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will learn Advanced Techniques to Develop a Database

AS91892 (4 Credits)
Use Advanced Techniques to Develop a Database.

Use knowledge from P-Tech 01 to create advanced Data Mining techniques.

Term 2
Students will learn about Project Management.

AS91897 (6 Credits)
Use Advanced Processes to Develop a Digital Technologies Outcome.
Use of a Project Management software to create a Database Outcome.

Term 3
Students will learn Advanced Techniques to Python Programming.

AS Use Advanced Programming Techniques to Develop a Computer Program (6 Credits)

Students will use advanced features of Python to create Programs using Python.

Term 4
Students will prepare for external examination on Computer Concepts.

AS91898 (3 Credits)
Demonstrate Understanding of a Computer Science Concept.

Learning Areas:

Digital Technologies


Level 3 Digital Technologies, Level 3 P-Tech / Pathways to Technology

This course leads to various employment opportunities in the Digital Technologies and Information Technologies (IT) industries.