Level 2 Tourism

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Teacher in Charge: Miss S. Malaeimi

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This course is designed for students who may like to pursue a career in New Zealand's expanding tourism sector, one of New Zealand's largest employers. In this course, students will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the possible career opportunities that are available in the tourism sector and why tourists are so important to New Zealand's economy. Students will learn about different tourist destinations around the world and be able to describe why New Zealand is a tourist destination by looking at a range of attractions, activities and events within New Zealand.  Students will also learn about different aspects of the tourism industry.  You will have the opportunity to attend workshops with different tertiary tourism providers including the New Zealand School of Tourism (NZST) and International Travel College (ITC) these opportunities will provide you with more experience as well as credits. Exciting times ahead. 

There is another awesome opportunity coming soon, you will be able to earn 30 plus credits during the waananga space. More information about this will come soon.  Watch this space...

Course Overview

Term 1
You will be working on your written assessment.
Introduction to Tourism :)

Term 2
Start working on the online assessments, a program you will use often in 03TSM if you decide to continue with tourism.

Term 3
Have a option to get more credits by attending courses and workshops to NZST and or ITC

Term 4
Catch up and resubs for 02TSM assessments.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


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