Year 10 High Performance through Sport

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss C. Hunter

In High Performance through Sport our passion for sport brings us together but our values drive us towards excellence in all areas. We stand for hard work, good people, keeping it humble and R.E.W.A hard. You will get a variety of opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and mind set required to be a high performance athlete including in class experiences, trips, outside providers, and mentors.

This is a single line course (3 periods) and you will also be in an HPS whaanau group. You will apply for this course by completing an application form. Choose it as one of your options - if you are not accepted you will be informed and will be able to choose new options.

You can also choose 10 Rugby or 10 League.

Course Overview

Term 1
Focus HPS value:
R.E.W.A HARD - proud, passionate, heart
- team building games
- fitness
- haka

Term 2
Focus HPS value:
HARD WORK - high standards, commitment, consistent
- Training programme
- Fitness testing
- Hard work in games

Term 3
Focus HPS value:
GOOD PEOPLE - reliable, responsible, make others better
- run a training session with the class for your own sport
- training attitudes

Term 4
Focus HPS value:
HUMBLE - role model, respectful, selfless
- prepare to step up as leaders in own PE classes
- mini HPS tournament


Level 1 High Performance through Sport

Recommended Prior Learning

Selection criteria – there will be several elements that will be considered before getting accepted in to HPS. Things that will be considered: Regional representative teams (the last 2 years), coach recommendations, aspirations/goals, achievements in sports, fitness levels appropriate to your sport, and how you individually demonstrate our values.