Year 10 Rugby League

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Friend

In 10 Rugby League, students will learn the importance of goal setting. Building culture within the class and developing values which will align with our school values which will provide the right attitude and mindset for both on and off the field success. 10 Rugby League will also focus on high level training and coaching to develop fundamental rugby league skills. Introduction to different types of training including learning fundamental movement patterns in the weights room. The introduction to basic nutrition and the importance of it. Looking at pathways beyond their club team and beyond school. An involvement with outside providers such as local and national rugby league organisations, trainers, coaches, mentors and current/former players with high-level rugby league experience.  

This course cannot be taken with 10 Rugby Studies (10RUG) or 10 Leadership through Physical Education (10LPE). 

Acceptance in the course is by application and with the approval of TIC and/or HOLA. 


Level 1 Health Education, Level 1 High Performance through Sport, Level 1 Leadership through Physical Education, Level 1 Physical Education Performance