Year 10 Digital Technologies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Enriquez

In the Year 10 Digital Technologies, students will learn about computational thinking and digital outcomes such as web design and development. 

Key competencies and essential digital skills such creating original contents and financial literacy will be learnt in preparation for a successful NCEA Level 1.

Course Overview

Term 1
In term 1 students will learn Digital Media through the use of image editing such as Adobe Photoshop.
As they go through creating, enhancing and manipulating their own images, they will learn the value of the legal, ethical and social issues in Digital Technologies (humans and digital technology).

They will create the online graphics and images for use later in Term 2 for our Web Development Course

Term 2
Students will web development and design with HTML and CSS (programming / data representation)
In addition, they will learn advanced Microsoft Office Suite for the purpose of documenting their project.

Term 3
Students will learn the theoretical concepts of Computer Science: Data Representation, Computational Thinking, and Algorithms and Inquiry based learning.

Subsequently, they will be learning how to program a a robot.

Term 4
Students will learn how to create an app or a mobile game.
They will also develop and design their own character using pixel art from Adobe Photoshop.


Level 1 Digital Technologies, Level 1 Information Technologies