Entry Requirements

Tertiary Links With Careers

For entry to tertiary courses - there is now less emphasis placed on subjects studied at school. It is the standard of achievement rather than the actual subjects that gain a student entry to the course of their choice. Of course, there are exceptions - usually with the science based career options, and these need to be researched before final decisions are made.

To assist with decision-making about future options check out the following:

Glossary of Terms:

PTE - Private Training Establishment - set up by individuals rather than the Government. Many of their qualifications are recognised by NZQA.

ITO - Industry Training Organisation - all areas of business and industry have an ITO, which is responsible for training in its industry.


Aim for more credits than  “minimum”

• To ensure that you are competitive with other applicants

• To ensure that you achieve the minimum number of credits required

Achievement for entry into training options:

Be aware, tertiary institution courses will rank using a grade point average;

“Excellence” grade is ranked higher than a “Merit” grade, which is ranked higher than an “Achieved” grade.